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You are welcome to ghanadiscount.com,the biggest shopping platform in Ghana.

Login and shop as you wish. We will deliver to you when you want it and where you want it within 24 hours anywhere in Ghana at a flat rate of GH¢12.00 which is added to your total order when you check out. 

You can order by phone, text or email

We also deliver your lunch between 11.00am  and 2:00pm the next day, when you order the day before.


You can pay with mobile money, cash or cheque.

MTN MOBILE MONEY:   0544 244 733 

TIGO CASH:                   0270 63 52 21 

For help or more information, please call on our office lines                                                            

OFFICE:         0302 92 11 90 / 0289 51 03 85 

UK:                  7806 69 61 05

LOCATION:     6th floor, Ghana Multimedia Centre, Ghana House, High Street Accra.   

Email: info@ghanadiscount.com, customercare@ghanadiscount.com, sales@ghanadiscount.com